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Home office furniture customization has increasingly become an indispensable and important part of the office work of enterprises and institutions. Enterprise customized home office furniture enjoys on-site measurement and design by professional surveyors and designers, tailor-made services that meet space needs, and professional workers Door-to-door installation can better meet people's individual needs, and can make full use of office space and improve efficiency. Therefore, home office furniture customization has gradually become a trend in China. The combination of home office furniture and space style is the window to display the corporate image and the first impression of visiting customers. Home office furniture can help enhance the connotation and taste of the company according to the corporate style and interior design.

The core of the home office furniture customization process is unilateral information exchange. Customers need to provide sufficient and detailed customization data to the manufacturer, while the designer of the home office furniture factory needs to help the customer's design to be corrected. If it does not match, then There must be a reason for the communication link, that is to say, the pattern effect of the design may not fully meet the customer's requirements, but the customer did not realize it in advance, or it may be a modification in some places, and the customer did not participate, which may lead to the original customer. dissatisfied. Introduction of some misunderstandings about customization by custom home office furniture manufacturers Due to the rapid development of the office environment, it is particularly important to choose the right home office furniture according to local conditions, but what are the misunderstandings often caused by home office furniture customization? 1. Customization of home office furniture ≠ design as you want. Buyers must know that customization does not mean randomness, and it does not mean that they can do whatever they want. At present, the customization of home office furniture generally means that users can freely choose materials, colors, adjust lines, plan space, decoration, hardware, etc. on the basis of inherent craftsmanship. Never mind.

2. Customization of home office furniture ≠ All home office furniture can be customized First of all, it must be admitted that not all home office furniture can be customized. Customized products are mainly aimed at solving some problems due to the difficulty in space utilization, personalization of storage needs, and size. Users who differ from the standard fixed size. Requests for furniture of non-standard fixed dimensions, such as wardrobes/cloakrooms, staff tables, conference tables. For furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, and chairs, as well as furniture with relatively fixed dimensions and little difference, such as beds and tables, finished products are better choices.

3. Are the customized colors and styles of suits and home office furniture the same? The poor planning will make the space lose its sense of hierarchy and agility. It even makes people feel depressed, which has a direct or indirect impact on the work efficiency of office workers. 4. Customized home office furniture has no need for communication habits. In the process of communicating with designers, home office furniture is not only to indicate their own aesthetic orientation and space design needs, but also to communicate what needs are in the office space, such as leisure The location, the office environment of different types of work, and personal action habits will determine how your cabinet door is opened and how the grid is partitioned. These can be customized according to the specific needs of users.

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